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Video of Waning Fascination: Barack Obama Rally Line, 10/10/08 in Columbus Ohio

When Barack Obama came to speak at a rally in Columbus, Ohio on a cold February 2008 morning, he was just a primary candidate, and yet people camped overnight to get a place in line to see him. By 8 AM, hours before he spoke, there were hundreds lined up outside in bitter, windy, subfreezing weather, just waiting to get inside.

Now it’s October 10 of 2008 and Barack Obama has come to Columbus again. It was sunny and 55 degrees outside with a couple of hours to go before the gates opened, yet there were only a few handfuls of people lined up to get in. The line would lengthen, but it took a while. It seems that the intense public fascination with Barack Obama, at least here in Columbus, is wearing off.

4 thoughts on “Video of Waning Fascination: Barack Obama Rally Line, 10/10/08 in Columbus Ohio”

  1. m.b.h. says:

    Although the line was short in the early hours of 10/10/08, when we arrived at noon, almost an hour and a half before the senator spoke, the line was more than a block long, where we waited for roughly an hour to be let into the gates. And trust me, the folks of Columbus are still quite fascinated and very captivated by Senator Obama-there were close to 10,000 people there, some of which only had a side view of the senator at over 30 yards away.

  2. Jim says:

    That’s a smaller number than in February and weaker excitement about seeing Obama than in February.

  3. Jeff Taylor says:

    The reason less people may be turning out early for these events is this: Barack has wrapped up the Democratic Nomination. Hillary was his only real opponent; McCain and Palin are making a mockery of the general election. Although the mystique of Obama’s persona and the legend of his events has died down a bit, it’s only because everyone’s seen about as many YouTube clips of his speeches and rallies as they could get their hands on. Another thing; Sen. Obama’s supporters have, in many cases, become activists; people who realize that it’s more important to do things like canvas neighborhoods, volunteer their services for call banks, data entry, etc, than it is to get out and cheer on the candidate in person.

  4. Jim says:

    I think you’ve got a pretty good point there.

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