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War Still Isn't Working In Afghanistan

It’s being treated as news, but it isn’t exactly new. A classified report is informing the Bush White House that Afghanistan is falling apart despite increased numbers of American soldiers. The Taliban is gaining yet more strength. Opium sales are up. The American puppet government of Hamid Karzai is weak and growing weaker.

So what’s new?

Mother Davis wrote about these issues in June of last year. Peregrin Wood addressed these problems in two articles from June, 2006 and in February, 2005.

Yes, there are important classified details to the story, and yes, the situation in Afghanistan has gotten even worse since the Irregular Times articles were written. However, the essential insight of the report have been known for a long time. Year after year, conditions in Afghanistan have been deteriorating, not getting better.

The tools of war aren’t making it better. The Taliban have never been beaten. The victory we were told was achieved back in 2001 still hasn’t come about. How long will we stand for more of the same?

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