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Sarah Palin the Lawbreaker – A Real Maverick!

There’s nothing that says maverick like crime. Sarah Palin is now, in this respect at least, an official maverick. A new report finds that, when it came to following the law in her work as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has thrown caution to the wind, and bucked the establishment! In other words, she broke the law.

If you want someone to come in and clean up Washington, well then you just might be happy with the choice of Sarah Palin… so long as you don’t mind a new group of criminals coming in to replace the ones that have been cleaned out.

I’m wondering how Sarah Palin will fit this new information into her claim to be a reformer. Will she say that you can’t reform the law unless you’re willing to break it?

More likely, Palin will blame the insiders. The commission that wrote the report concluding that Sarah Palin has engaged in illegal abuse of power as Governor of Alaska was bipartisan, after all – and you know what that means. It means that she’s willing to stand up to members of both political parties – in order to try to avoid the consequences of breaking the law.

Gosh darn it, that’s how to become a reformer with results!

One thought on “Sarah Palin the Lawbreaker – A Real Maverick!”

  1. Barb Clark says:

    Yep, hits the nail on the head. Suzy Q wants to wink her way into the White House so Joe Six Pack can tell girlie jokes.

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