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Alaskans Gave Sarah Palin Money To Go To Church!

Sarah Palin says that she is against wasteful government spending, but the truth is that she just got caught in some very wasteful use of government money in Alaska. No, I’m not talking about the way that she allowed her husband, Todd Palin, to use the office of the Governor of Alaska in order to persecute her former brother-in-law, though that fits the bill too.

I’m talking about how Sarah Palin made the government of Alaska pay her to go to church.

No kidding. A new report shows that Sarah Palin has sent bills to the state government of Alaska, asking that she be paid more than $13,000 over the last two years to attend religious events and meet with religious leaders. The Alaskan Lieutenant Governor made some of the same religious trips, but refused to ask for payment because he regarded those payments as unethical.

Here’s the kicker: Sarah Palin’s office says that it was okay for her to make taxpayers give her money in order to go to church because she was going to church on official government business.

Think about that – what kind of official government business does the Governor have going to church on Sunday?

Here in the USA, we have a little thing called the separation of church and state. It’s established in the very first line of the very first amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Sarah Palin apparently has a poor opinion of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, however. One Sarah Palin’s government-paid trips to go to church was a visit to her own home church, the Wasilla Assembly of God. During that visit, she took to the stage and told the members of the church that she would strike a deal with them – to use her power as Governor to enact the will of God.

If Sarah Palin was willing to charge taxpayers for her to go to church on Sunday morning, and conspire with church leaders to use the Alaskan state government to establish her religion, what do you think Palin would do with the power of President of the United States upon the death of a President McCain?

If Sarah Palin is willing to spend government money to go to church, what other extravagant spending would she engage in as President?

3 thoughts on “Alaskans Gave Sarah Palin Money To Go To Church!”

  1. Elle says:

    Now really, do you think she could do any worse than Bush and his cronies?

  2. Juniper says:

    There’s always more room for worse.

  3. darebrit says:

    This morning while driving to work, I heard on NPR that the McCain Palin ticket has come up with a new attack ad claiming that the Democrats are solely responsible for the present economic mess.

    What is hard to fathom, is how McCain-Palin can arrive at such a conclusion. Are they not aware, that at the end of the Clinton era, in spite fighting a republican sponsored Multi-million attack on Clinton and then attempting impeachment for getting private nooky, Bill Clinton and the Democratic minority were able to engineer a reversal of the senior Bush and Reagan deficit, which was then the largest in history, into an all time high surplus.

    If the Clinton surplus had not been wasted on an illegal war and tax breaks to his rich pals, bush may have been able to avert the current economic disaster!

    Now the destructive republicans are trying to claim that the Clinton surplus was a result of extended Reagan/Bush policies.

    Why is it, that the repubs always claim that all the bad stuff they do is a result of failed Democratic policies and that the successes of the Democrats are a result of brilliant policies put in place by old guy’s with Altshiemers?

    So. Now I get to answer your question Jim.

    If the American public returns the reublicans to the white house we will no doubt finish up with either a theocracy created out of a constitutional reform or a suspension of the constitution to establish a dictatorship.

    Neither choice is viable. We are in fact faced with only one choice in this election and as responsible citizens we must take it upon ourselves to defend our constitution and form of government by whatever means are legally available. Starting with the impeachment of Bush and Cheyney for High crimes and misdemeanors and have the citizens of Alaska recall Ms. Palin for misfeasance in office.

    The only viable option left is Obama/Biden. And they must be watched.

    Lets not hold our collective breath on any of these suggestions.

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