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Arctic Warming Consequence: Here Come the Methane Plumes

While the American news media remains focused on the winks of Sarah Palin and the nods of Ben Bernanke, the British media reports on two disturbing scientific findings. An international team scientists aboard a research vessel traveling Russia’s north coast has encountered plumes of methane emerging from the Arctic ocean at 100 times the typical rate, enough to cause the sea to foam. The scientists interpret this as a sign that permafrost underneath the ocean, previously known to be trapping methane gas, has been melting.

In the very same week last month, British scientists working off the west of the Norwegian island of Svalbard reported an independent find of hundreds of such methane plumes.

Despite the potential threat of methane gas (a greenhouse gas 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide) to our the world’s agricultural, economic and coastal security, not one mainstream news outlet in the United States has picked up on this story. Will the news have to bubble up from below?

3 comments to Arctic Warming Consequence: Here Come the Methane Plumes

  • Elle

    You are just being silly now. Everyone knows that global warming is just a myth created by enviromentalists to frighten the public.

    Just ask your average american republican voter.


  • This is a frightening sign – it suggests that we’re seeing the acceleration of global warming, which could create an economic crisis to dwarf Wall Street’s current troubles.

  • tom

    Yeah, and the global printing of fiat money to solve the problem will have the same effect it’s going to have on the world economies pulling this scam. Instead of going after the causes of the crisis, they’re content to continue the game for a little while longer, so that all the (few) rich people won’t have to feel as much pain as they would if the markets were allowed to run their courses. In the same way, the environment will definitely balance to account for the heat and pollution we’re adding to it every day that we continue to live the way we do. It won’t do us any good to change anything at all after a few more decades of this – we’ll all be looking for water, food, and respite from the oppressive heat and calamitous storms comin’ our way. Life will turn real ugly and return to brutish, nasty and short – if we don’t stop and re-evaluate our place and the way we live in the coming decades. We don’t have a second chance and money won’t help.

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