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How Raw Is Raw Story, Really?

In an earlier post this afternoon, I linked to an article about an anti-Palin protest. That article was published by Raw Story – a progressive web site that I’ve appreciated over the years.

I appreciated the story about the Palin protest too, but as I looked it over again, I realized how difficult it had been to read the article itself, with so many blinking, popping advertisements. There are two full columns of commercials, one on either side of the article.

Some of the ads seem appropriately political, and liberally so, but others seem very out of place – even counter to the supposed progressive identity of Raw Story – including commercials for the big oil company Chevron and for automobile manufacturer Ford. These aren’t corporations with progressive histories. In fact, they’ve been downright anti-progressive most of the time, using their influence to lobby to defeat progressive legislation and promote a right wing agenda.

I don’t know enough about Raw Story’s internal editorial decisions to come up with an declaration about how they really work, but with commercials like these plastering the web site, I’m left asking, Is Raw Story really raw?

It looks pretty cooked to me.

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