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McCain Promises Bush Approach To Economy

This morning, I’m reading that John McCain is promising to heal the economy by having more tax cuts. I’m trying to remember the name of another politician who has made the same promise, saying that cutting taxes will give us a vibrant, booming economy… ooh, it’s on the tip of my tongue… who was it now?

Oh, yes, that’s right. It was George W. Bush.

George W. Bush gave us huge debts, gathering interest, by pushing tax cuts through Congress. He said that government revenues would increase, and businesses would pay workers more money, and that we would all be thanking him for his wise economic leadership.

That didn’t work out so well, did it? Is your life a whole lot better now, thanks to those tax cuts? Chances are that you aren’t better off.

Now John McCain says he wants to do more of the same. McCain wants to use the George W. Bush plan to give us a strong economy.

I don’t get it. Taxes aren’t the cause of the economic crisis, so how is cutting taxes going to solve the problem and get the country back on solid economic footing?

2 comments to McCain Promises Bush Approach To Economy

  • Elle

    Someone needs to put a stake in the heart of the whole “trickle down” theory in economics.

    It just goes against human nature, believing that cutting the taxes of the rich are going to inspire them to do anything besides hoarde more wealth for themselves. People are greedy little buggers, and those who have ammassed any wealth tend to be even more so than the normal run of the mill person. Wealth has become a scorecard in this country, a measure of sucess, a monetary version of “mine is bigger than yours” machismo bull.

    The only thing that trickles down is the contempt the rich feel for the less well off.

  • tom

    Meanwhile, GM announced it’s going to close one of its “stamping plants” in Michigan, laying off another 1340 workers and another out of state teen was abandoned in Omaha today.

    Our civilization continues is slow demise.

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