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Palin Protests Popping Up All Over

Well, bless their hearts, Americans look like they don’t want Sarah Palin as their Vice President, gosh darn it! Protests against Sarah Palin are popping up wherever she goes.

These demonstrations include a protest against Palin’s appearance in Burlingame, California; protests in Pennsylvania; even anti-Palin protests in Juneau, Alaska, and on and on.

protest against sarah palin

4 comments to Palin Protests Popping Up All Over

  • Isabel Maione

    If you think Mccain/Palin are to be feared, than you must be ostriches, with your heads in the sand.
    Wait til you get your wish and Obama is president. With his tax hikes and capital gain hikes, and his socialism you won’t even know what hit you til your down. Good Luck, your so naieve you deserve what you get.

  • Elle

    Right, all the god fearing people Know that the way we are going to get out of a 10 trillion dollar national debt is by cutting the taxes for all the rich people so they can buy one more Lexus or BMW.

    And don’t get me started on the evils of socialism! I mean just imagine, the very idea of trying to help the poor and less fortunate masses. Why that is just unchristian!!!

  • Fruktata

    Oooh, Elle – I think you’re onto something there. Jesus was a socialist!

  • Xpress

    Yeah!!! feeding those who have nothing by using the food of someone else, so socialist and so wrong…
    Feeding 5 thousand people with 5 loafs of bread and 2 fishes that belong to a boy sounds like a socialist move… if i could only remember this carpenter from Nazarene that did this…

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