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Sarah Palin's Dishonesty Is Showing

Someone ought to tell Sarah Palin, so that she stops embarrassing herself: Her dishonesty is showing, and people are noticing.

On Friday, a bipartisan commission in Alaska concluded that evidence shows that Sarah Palin violated the law and unethically abused her power as Governor of Alaska. So, what has Sarah Palin’s reaction been? She claims that she has been “cleared of any legal wrongdoing, any hint of unethical activity.”

Does Sarah Palin think that we don’t notice the difference? Apparently, but she’s in for a load of trouble if she believes that she can continue lying to voters without any consequences.

Even in the heart of Republican territory, people are seeing the clear gap between Sarah Palin’s statements and the facts. The Kansas City Star says that Palin’s “silly” claims are “just not true, and Palin knows it.”

Don’t that turn a red state blue?

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin's Dishonesty Is Showing”

  1. Elle says:

    AH, but she is “chosen by god” and so exempt from any scrutiny regarding her ethics or morals. Since she is on a mission to do “god’s work” we can’t judge her the way we do ordinary people.

    I mean really, get with the program here!

  2. tom says:

    Oh, i think people are beginning to see how religion, like politics, has turned to complete bullshit – anything to get your way, despite any and all consequences.

    Humanity is going down like the stock market since it’s based on lies and appearances, while the truth cannot be denied. Ask George Bush – hey, how’s your “legacy” now? He’ll still speak in glorious terms while the great masses of common people are struggling to stay afloat during the great heist going on now, Wall Street is reeling and “Rome” continues to burn.

  3. ladona says:

    In a desperate attempt to spin this mess, Palin is now claiming that the Troopergate investigation clears her of any wrongdoing, which it does not. We can’t afford eight more years of another administration that abuses their power. Sign this petition urging Palin to stop the lies and walk the ethics reform talk by removing herself from the presidential ticket now:

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