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Biden Is Being Interviewed. Why Is Sarah Palin Afraid?

Okay, I know – that’s a somewhat phony headline. We all know why Sarah Palin is afraid. Sarah Palin has managed to mess up in every interview with anyone even remotely like a journalist, showing her lack of mental clarity in a way that no one could fail to see.

Joseph Biden isn’t having that trouble. Biden is engaging in a huge amount of interviews with reporters at all levels, from local stations all the way up to national networks.

Just in the last couple of days, Biden has been interviewed by a reporter in West Virginia, another in Ohio, by Chris Matthews on Hardball, and on Nightline. Those are just the interviews that popped up on the first page of a quick search.

In the same time, heck, since the Vice Presidential debate, Sarah Palin has been interviewed only by right wing Fox News. That edited and released version of that interview, apparently, did not include the more challenging questions such as “What is your favorite color?”

Post script: Apparently, I missed one other interview of Sarah Palin – the interview in which Steve Coates of SportsNet interviewed Sarah Palin about her feelings about hockey.

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