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Rockland Only Works If You Leave Here Frequently

Occasionally, I happen upon a piece of true art:

Rockland only works if you leave here frequently. The only people who are not miserable are the ones that are not part of the day to day to day to day of the place. It is a mean town. The downtown may have tons of galleries, but it is ugly, and the ugliness is not only due to an abject lack of aesthetic sense — and be assured, that all the new “hip” people coming here contribute nothing to change this, (remember, they have that other place to go to to escape all this).

The winter is not a problem. There are worse winters many other places. The weather is, however, incredibly changeable, and even if you have lived other places, as I have, you will find it impossible to adjust physiologically.

Medical care is among the worst seen, including by practioners who claim they are “wholistic”. Perhaps the better docs who are naturopaths, are okay, but you need, literally, a fortune to go to them anyway, and that is true everywhere.

People are heavily invested in ignoring solutions to problems, by using old adages — “Rockland by the smell, Camden by the sea”, is heard daily. Why work towards solutions when you can lay back and hold to negative things? And this, people, is the thinking here. No. Rockland is the most negative, heavy town I’ve ever lived in.

Too, you would think this was northern siberia in terms of getting goods and services. With great regularity, “the truck didn’t come” to the two major chain grocery stores. It’s just plain screwed up.

There is no “Yankee ingenuity” here. That would be seen as suspicious behavior, and fought tooth and nail. I truly believe that everything about Maine is fictitious – at least it has been past the 1950s.

Maine, in general, with the exception of Portland – though I can’t truly imagine spending years there – is a place to visit, not to develop a life.

It’s either art or insanity. I don’t know how to tell the difference.

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