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Worn Out By The Election?

Said by a voter interviewed by CNN: “I am really worn out by this presidential election.”

Worn out? Why? Because he has to listen, and read, and think about the issues that face his country? Because he has to make a decision about his role as a citizen participating in a democracy?

Sorry. No sympathy on this one. If you’re really worn out by this election, you need to go to the intensive care unit at your local hospital right away.

If you must whine about living in a country where you have the chance to help shape your government, then why don’t you go get some rest in a country where there are no elections? Would that be relaxing for you?

One thought on “Worn Out By The Election?”

  1. darebrit says:

    a Just for fun response.

    Submitted in the hope that we can lighten up web site
    If you don’t like my simple rendition
    Then make up you own rhyme and please keep it light.

    Obama and Biden McCain and Palin
    Are all trying to make you decide.
    Who is the best, the White House to live in
    Or who’s just along for the ride.

    They told me if I don’t vote McCain,
    or offered my vote to him:
    He would ask Bishop Murthee to pray for rain
    In the hope that I cannot swim.

    How can he be sure I can’t swim
    I might have a boat to row
    And since he changes his mind on a whim
    What will Palin vote for now?

    Ms. Palin has trouble remembering quotes,
    Her running mate can’t remember
    they both run around pleading for votes
    They will not have mine in November

    If he or she should chance to be
    Involved in this poling contest,
    He trusts to you to set them free,
    Except that we know who’s best

    It is said that Mc Cain was a leader
    Before Ms. Palin was involved
    She hopes to be the next leader (after McCain)
    In the hope that she has struck gold.

    Obama and Biden will win the election,
    For this a sure and safe bet
    And if McCain and Palin some how catch on,
    They will be ever so ever upset and cry foul and God didn’t want Democrats in the white House and Bishop Murthee will bring his snake and drive them out you’ll see Boo Hoo.

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