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McCain Caught in Telecom Corruption Scandal

Why did John McCain support the FISA Amendments Act, a Big Brother spying bill that gave telecommunications corporations retroactive immunity for helping George W. Bush break the law by spying on the private, personal communications of millions of Americans? Why did McCain support the Protect America Act, the law’s predecessor?

Part of the answer may be Cindy McCain’s special calling plan – think of it as the ultimate in anytime minutes. Cindy McCain asked for a cell phone company to set up special cell phone towers so that she could make wireless telephone calls from the McCains’ private ranch, located at Arizona’s New Age vortex of Sedona.

John McCain just happens to be the senior Republican, and former chair, of the Senate Commerce Committee, which just so happens to have jurisdiction over the FCC, the federal government body that regulates the business of corporations like Verizon and AT&T. So guess which companies just so hustled to provide Cindy McCain with mobile cell phone towers that are supposed to be used to help relief in hurricanes and other disaster situations? Gosh – Verizon and AT&T!

Quid pro quo? Voters need to know.

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