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McCain-Obama Debate Cards for October 15, 2008: Play Games With History

This is your last chance! In case you somehow slept through all three general election debates, dozens of candidate forums and scores of primary-round debates, tonight’s debate at 9 pm Eastern is your last chance to see the candidates for the 2008 presidential election spar on the issues that matter most for our nation’s future… or not. Are the debates a chance for Americans to learn more about the candidates’ platforms and plans for the nation, or are they a chance for us all to watch a fight and gain vicarious enjoyment from the digs, the punches and the occasional toss of sand in the eye?

You tell me. Here are two Obama-McCain presidential debate bingo cards for you to use tonight. You know the rules: five across, five down or five diagonally in a row and you win. The two cards are filled with words and phrases with a varying likelihood of being propelled out of a candidate’s mouth. Can you guess which of the two cards will be the winner?

Obama-McCain Debate Bingo Card for October 15 2008: Substantive Subjects

Obama-McCain Debate Bingo Card for October 15 2008: Trivial Matters

If you actually want a close contest, use these blanks and write in your own phrases and subjects.

Blank Obama-McCain Debate Bingo Card

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