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Obama-McCain Debate of October 15, 2008: What's Your Reaction?

The last debate of a long line of presidential debates for the 2008 presidential election season is over. John McCain and Barack Obama will not directly debate again before Election Day.

If you watched the debate, what’s your reaction? How do you think it went? Who do you think did best? And hey, let me get bold… who will you be voting for?

15 thoughts on “Obama-McCain Debate of October 15, 2008: What's Your Reaction?”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    John McCain looked, well, erratic at times, and he failed to land a single effective blow. Barack Obama was calm, and rebutted without getting angry. The content was practically the same as with all the debates. Obama wins.

  2. Jim says:

    CBS national random sample of uncommitted voters regarding tonight’s debate:

    “Fifty-three percent of the uncommitted voters surveyed identified Democratic nominee Barack Obama as the winner of tonight’s debate. Twenty-two percent said Republican rival John McCain won. Twenty-four percent saw the debate as a draw.”

  3. Laura says:

    Something I have to point out that made me almost want to spit at the tv: When they were talking about McC’s Ayers ads McC said something like the campaign might not have taken such a negative tone if Obama had agreed to do the 10 or 12 town halls that McC wanted to do. He also said something to the effect that he had to go negative because Obama has been spending an “unprecedented” amount of money on advertising. What?! So then it’s all Obama’s fault that McC has gone totally negative, right? McC was just pissed off about the (ridiculous number) of town halls he wanted and didn’t get and also jealous that he hasn’t gotten as much money. Sure, I get it. It’s Obama’s own fault then that McC’s camp has compared him to Osama bin Laden and let people call out “kill him” and “terrorist” at their rallies; sure, Obama brought it on himself. McCain paints himself as the victim.

    I couldn’t believe too that he asked Obama for an apology again about the remarks that Lewis made. Somebody calls him out in plain English about what he’s letting go on on at his rallies and McCain again plays the victim. Has Obama asked for an apology about the things McPalin has said about him?

    Additional observation: the expression on McC’s face always looks to me like he’s either a result of a bad botox treatment (because his face, especially his upper lip, won’t move) or he’s got constipation.

  4. Steve says:

    First, I thought this was the best format of the debates that I’ve seen. This one actually verged at times on being a genuine debate. And Bob Schieffer did a good job, with pointed questions. Second, I thought McCain did do better in this one. Still, he looked very ill at ease. In contrast, Obama looked…well, presidential, as he has in every debate. He just seems genuinely in command of his facts and as if he isn’t afraid of anything McCain will throw at him.

    Re Sarah Palin knowing about autism: ummmm, doesn’t her baby have Down’s Syndrome?? Yes, both conditions fall into the special needs category, but if he’s going to use his running mate’s situation he ought to at least get the facts right.

    Re the health care plan: McC made a big deal about people (particularly Joe the plumber…oy) getting fined under Obama’s plan. Obama then said the fine would be zero and McC blurted out, “Really?” It seemed he was caught totally flatfooted.

    I thought Mc did get one in on Obama pointing out that he hadn’t travelled to Latin America. Is that true? I also thought that McC challenged Obama on nuclear power and Obama didn’t respond.

    Finally, in the section on personal attacks, I thought McC just looked pathetic, trying again and again to attack while Obama kept gently and resolutely coming back to issues.

    By the way…I’ll be voting for Obama.

  5. Captain Crab says:

    As a veteran of the little war in SE Asia, I have always respected John McCain. Until he won the nomination. A man who once carried himself well, acted professional and “presidential” has totally lost his way. The people who are running his campaign have turned him into a “mean, nasty, old man”.

  6. Sheila says:

    Obama won the debate hands down! He done a great job! Excellent leadership and presidential skills!

  7. AT says:

    McCain’s repeated sarcastic reference to Obama’s “eloquence” seemed to be saying “it’s painfully obvious that when it comes to intelligence, I’m am clearly out of Obama’s league. I just can’t compete on that level so I will insult my opponent for simply speaking well.”

  8. Mark says:

    A Republican strategist, commenting on Obama’s performance, described him as ‘professorial’. I still can’t understand why being viewed as a professor is a bad thing. Isn’t a college professor, with years of study in his/her academic field, someone we would normally admire?

    Obama presented himself very calmly and acted very presidential in the face of McCain’s personal attacks. McCain seems desperate (and I think he is). He has little of substance to say and few ideas to present. Most of his talk (still) is very general in nature. He is still attacking Obama’s character and associations, but he is not presenting concrete proposals to counter Obama’s vision and ideas.

    Obama won the debate and I plan on voting for Obama.

  9. CH says:

    Sen Mcain is a great war hero and and good American.
    Unfortunately he is running as a republican and following the worst Republican President ever.
    Sen Obama won the debate as he will the Election. I don’t know how Bush got re-elected but hopefully we will all vote our hearts and become United again

  10. darebrit says:

    The blogs are alive with the news of Hannity’s announced revelations (tune in to Fox on Sunday) of Obama’s past relationships with…….TERRORISTS. There I’ve said it.

    And you know what? The more McCain and Palin attack; the more Fox news and Fascist commentary’s contimu to slander: the more that I am convinced that to vote for McCain OR ANY OTHJER neocon is a vote for dsisaster!

    I am absolutly sick of thsi campaign and the neo-fascist propoganda that is driving it. If the choices are between the fascist and the moderates, having lived through fascism, I will choose the latter

    OBAMA for president11 The only REAL CHOICE for America.

  11. Elle says:

    Well, you see, “terrorist” is the insult du jour, since they can’t come out and call him “nigger” anymore. I mean they can sort of get by with calling him “arab” or “moslem”, but then those two smack a little too much of religious and racial intolerance, so “terrorist” is the perfect insult now a days.

    Absolutely no one is for terrorists, well except for when they are on our side, and then they are called “freedom fighters”. With our country being under constant threat by “terrorists” who seek to destroy our way of life, equating Obama with terrorists is just another, and more effective way, of saying that he is “unamerican”. Super patriots everywhere will rally to the cause of those “true americans” on the other side now that Obama has been shown to be the anti-american that he is.

    (Of course ignore the fact that one of the “true americans” on the McCain side wants to bring about an unconstitutional christian theocracy.)

  12. rachey says:

    I think both of our options stink – but the constant racial digs and the only real choice stuff really annoys me. Can’t anyone run on issues? It amazes me that McCain is considered a mean old man – but whatever and whomever Obama associates with is ok. It really is sickening. about the autism comment – don’t you think that maybe he was speaking of special needs in general and anyone could figure that out on their own?!

  13. Tranae says:

    Theres really nothing to it McCain doesnt really care about da IMPORTANT issues in da world as much as obama does.McCain gets stuck

  14. Davy Jones says:

    I am an X pat living in Scotland and I have been watching occasional news about “the old country” from behind the sofa. Last night just before bed I clicked the tele on to the debate. Within a few short minutes I found myself saying quite loudly, “WHAT”!! That Mccain guy incensed me! Since WHEN did a total liar get the privilege of running for president. What a NASTY old man. Good luck America but I’m not coming home, at least for a while.

  15. Elle says:

    Er, Davy, I don’t know where you have been for the last eight years, but the US has had a liar in the white house for awhile now.

    First it was terrorist ties and WMD’s in Iraq, then it was the whole use of torture, how FISA would Never be used against americans, the outing of Plame, the assertions that there is no global warming, and so on and so forth.

    You can always tell when Bush lies, his lips start to move.

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