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Sarah Palin Already Looking For Post-Election Path

Sarah Palin’s desperate dodge of any interview by real reporters continued yesterday, as she refused to talk to actual journalists, but phoned in to talk on Rush Limbaugh’s radio talk show. During that friendly conversation, Limbaugh asked Palin what she planned to do after the election.

“That’s a good question,” said Palin.

Really? Is that a good question for Palin? Well, it’s a telling question, that’s for sure. Joseph Biden isn’t looking for something to do after Election Day. He knows what he plans to do – preparing to become Vice President. Sarah Palin doesn’t seem to have that vision.

It seems that Republican Rush Limbaugh has already given up the presidential election as lost – and so has Sarah Palin.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Already Looking For Post-Election Path”

  1. zada merrill says:

    I must be living in an alternate universe..It boggles my mind that ANYONE is taking Sarah Palin seriously…Of course she doesn’t give interviews she has no substance…She is a holagram…..

  2. groetzinger says:

    Did she have an answer to the good question?Or did she evade the question as always?

  3. b says:

    Shit. I didn’t see that. That’s hilarious.

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