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This is What Torturing Suspects Gets You: Messed Up Justice in America

In the wake of breaking news that the Bush administration specifically authorized waterboarding torture in writing, then covered it up, the Washington Post reports that the federal government has had to withdraw charges of conspiracy and material support for terrorism against a British resident who has been held in Guantanamo for years, Binyam Mohammed. Why? Because the charges were based on false confessions. How were the false confessions obtained? Through torture.

Yeah, torture really works wonders, doesn’t it?

Here’s the kicker: if the Supreme Court hadn’t rebuked the Bush administration and reinstated habeas corpus rights for detainees of the American government, Binyam Mohammed would still be facing these charges, because Mohammed wouldn’t have had the right to have evidence against him brought to the light of day in a court of law. Point this out the next time that some jerk says that civil rights protect terrorists. Civil rights protect the innocent.

3 comments to This is What Torturing Suspects Gets You: Messed Up Justice in America

  • tom

    And what shall we do with this latest revelatioh of Bush injustice, immoral leadership and outright lying? Add it to the long, long list? That’s about all we can hope for with Pelosi the turncoat/enabler and all the other politicians who keep funding the “war on terra” and not representing the will of the people.

    Great democracy we have here – it’s like a gang or a chummy club where only the elite are included and the common citizen is robbed blind and abused whenever they can get away with it.

  • Jim

    What can we do? That’s a good question. Think about it. What would you do?

  • Elle

    Well, you work on a news site, why not start a petition to have the ICC charge Bush and company with war crimes and human rights abuses.

    You know that if someone like Hugo Chavez or Morales or leader of some other country pulled the same things that Bush has, the US would be one of the first countries clamoring for investigation and prosecution.

    Bush as well as past and present members of his administration, are war criminals, plain and simple. they should be treated just like any other tin plated dictator who practice policies of aggression against other countries.

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