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Who Is Sarah Palin's Economic Enemy?

Republicans have a real poverty of imagination when it comes to domestic policy. They’re so obsessed with finding new excuses to wage real wars around the world that they start to design domestic policies as if they were wars too. Remember Ronald Reagan’s oh-so-effective war on drugs?

Well, now Sarah Palin has started a new little domestic war of her own. She’s calling for an economic war. “We are going to win the economic war that we are in,” she said today.

An economic war? If Sarah Palin is waging an economic war, then who is her economy enemy? Where will the economic invasion take place? What will Palin’s economic bombs destroy? Will the economic prisoner of war camps be in Guantanamo? Will economic enemy combatants be tortured?

What the heck is Sarah Palin talking about? Is she just referring to more Republican big government pork barrel spending for corporations like Haliburton?

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