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Joe is Named Samuel, He isn't a Plumber, and He is a Tax Cheat

Joe’s name is actually Samuel, he isn’t a Plumber, and he doesn’t pay his taxes.

I hate to write this, because it should not matter at all who “Joe the Plumber” is, except that on the basis of nothing but his first name, the label “the Plumber,” and the dependence on your assumption that he would (like the typical plumber) make much less than $250,000, the campaign of John McCain has wildly tossed out its hopefully last bizarre campaign argument for his election.

9 comments to Joe is Named Samuel, He isn't a Plumber, and He is a Tax Cheat

  • groetzinger

    Say it ain’t so,McCain not quit clear on the facts or just hoping the American people will just believe anything he says.The Right seems to be falling for it!!!

  • Anonymous

    It does not matter who “Joe or Samuel” actually is! what matters is that he exposed your fraud of a candidate Barack *Comrade*Obama Spread the communist wealth he will destroy small business owners. You libs are precious

  • Jim

    He didn’t expose anything. He just said the word “socialist” a dozen times, kind of like how you are fond of calling Barack Obama “Comrade.” Sweetums, the USSR dissolved well over a decade ago. It’s time to stop fighting the cold war.

  • bobcindependant

    LOL – Barack ” Comrade ” Obama – PERFECT : ) You couldn’t have said it better…

  • Chris--not Anonymous Chicken

    Precious are we? I hate to think what that makes the Republican neocons. Big Business Uber Alles! No regulations to govern the greater good-God knows we’re not so inclined to do it on our own. It’s all about me. No social insurances at all. Screw my fellow man, why should I help him? Haven’t you a single friend or family member who needed help?
    Me? I did it all right. B.S., C.P.A. Big Eight in NYC. 12 yrs. then Boom! disabling disease…no more working, huge medical costs. I do my best but others are not as fortunate to have any assistance.
    I agree it doesn’t matter his name but it was lousy vetting on McCain’t/Lunch Pail ticket. It was wrong to bring him into this limelight without his permission. Still…Hasn’t bought the business. Has no firm plan to buy it. Hasn’t paid taxes and IF he were to succeed and his NET income were greater than $250K -300K he might have to incur another $600 in income tax or $50/mo–how many Starbuck’s lattes is that? Course it doesn’t matter if you don’t actually pay it.

  • Ralph

    It doesn’t matter who wins the election. America’s anti-socialist days are over.

    And who do we have to thank for it? The Republican base.

    We socialized religion (Faith-Based Initiatives). McCain supports it, Obama wants to expand it.

    The Bush administration, with McCain and Obama’s support, has agreed to socialize the banking industry to the tune of $700,000,000,000.00.

    We’ve socialized everything except what poor and middle class people really need for a decent standard of living: food, water, electricity, housing, medical care. The only exception is K-12 education, and with all the banking fuss the press is entirely ignoring how No Child Left Behind is coming unraveled and the “privatization” vultures are circling. Wonder how that one will go?

    Step One: Privatize
    Step Two: Deregulate
    Step Three: Bailout
    Step Four: Repeat

  • Elle

    America has a unique oppurtunity here, an oppurtunity to get it right.

    Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel for the umpteenth time, we should look to the Europeans and Canadians, and learn from their mistakes and their sucesses. Some form of socialism is an inevitable result of progress and population growth. If you look at christianity, the things jesus taught were a kind of primer in socialism.

    What people need to stop doing is equating socialism with communism. They are not the same thing. If that were the case, then communism has won, since most sucessful forms of government in the world today are based on some form of socialism.

    Face the future, and stop trying to keep living in the past. the only certainty in life is change, and you can either face it on your own two feet, ready and willing to accept the challenges, or you can continue to cower in the corner trying to deny it.

  • SpudBreau

    Just remember, “W” was a change too…..
    Be careful what you wish for!

  • Ralph

    Yes, “W” was a change from peace and prosperity.

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