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Shop Like a Sheep or an Odd Bird: Election Store Sorted by Popularity

What sort of political animal are you, anyway? Are you a sheep, looking to follow the herd with the hottest political button out there right now? Or are you an odd bird, looking for a bumper sticker that others have overlooked or disdained, something with a message that will distinguish you from the rest?

Be you motivated by conformity or dissonance, we hope you’ll get something out of our latest lists of Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin bumper stickers and buttons, each sorted according to popularity in sales. Whether you choose to focus on the most popular or least popular messages out there is up to you. It’s a long list, so either way you go you’ll have a fair amount to choose from.

Some of our most popular sellers as of late:

“That One” Obama 08 Button
Hope, Not Fear: Obama 2008 Sticker
Hockey Mom for Obama bumper sticker
Sarah Palin? Appalling Bumper Sticker
Sarah Palin is an Idiot (bumper sticker)

A handful of our least popular items:

Gee, John, I’ve only got the one house (Bumper Sticker)
I would rather eat slugs than vote for McCain Bumper Sticker
Unitarians for Obama bumper sticker
I Supported Clinton First, But I Support Obama Now bumper sticker
Zamboni Drivers for Barack Obama button

That last one we can’t offer any more; we got hit with a trademark takedown, and we just don’t have the heart to stick up a “Ice-Smoother-Outer Drivers for Obama” button.

For a fuller list, um, see the full lists!

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