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2 thoughts on “Very Cute Joe the Plumber for Obama T-Shirt”

  1. charles says:

    Joe Biden says the election of Obama may lead to a new conflict, terrorist attack, or a third war. A careful analysis of history says he may be correct.

  2. Jim says:

    How very nice of you to call yourself careful. Here’s my even more carefuller analysis, if I do say so myself. If Barack Obama is elected President, more people will buy Twinkies because the sugar rush will help them feel the “change” Barack Obama has been talking about. This will lead to massive obesity and diabetes across the country, crushing the health care system and making Americans less able to pick up their rifles to repel the Russkies’ invasion.

    But my carefullest analysis is that, following off of that study saying that women tend to synchronize their menstrual rhythm, the election of a “Change” ticket will lead to women across America to respond to the subtle cue and prematurely go through “the Change” of menopause, leading to a further reduction in the birth rate, which in turn will lead to extra rifles lying around that used to by picked up by the formerly large population of Americans. Not only will there be fewer armed Americans available to repel the Russkies, but there will be extra rifles lying around for the Russkies to pick up. The Russkies, not having elected Barack Obama on a “Change” ticket, will invade without the detriment of a shrunken population. Like that, we’ll be saying “Zdrazdvuitye, Komrade!” in Main Street, Illinois!

    Also, a dispirited Sarah Palin, with downtrodden gaze, will be less likely to see Vladimir Putin rear his head into Alaskan airspace.

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