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What is a Vote For? This Undecided Ohio Voter Sits A-Wondering

Two weeks after receiving my Ohio absentee ballot in the mail, it is still sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be filled out. At the presidential level, I am still undecided between candidates Barack Obama, Ralph Nader and Brian Moore. I’ve been reading your thoughts on the substance of the candidates’ merits, but beyond their individual warts and charms I’ve been thinking about voting more procedurally, too.

My overriding question: what is a vote for? Do we vote in order to influence an election? Do we vote to make a public yet anonymous endorsement of what a candidacy stands for? Do we vote to tell a story about ourselves to others or to ourselves? Is voting about something else? If it’s more than one of these, which one takes priority?

I think how I will vote depends on the answer to this questions.

One thought on “What is a Vote For? This Undecided Ohio Voter Sits A-Wondering”

  1. Ralph says:

    There’s an easy answer–we vote to exercise power. It’s up to the individual voter to exercise that power however he or she sees fit (short of selling a vote).

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