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Can You Sincerely Acknowledge One Strength of the Candidate You Don't Support?

In his latest column, the professional Republican supplicant Thomas Sowell sacrifices accuracy to the altar of partisanship. Sowell highlights Barack Obama’s peripheral role in the “Bridge to Nowhere” but neglects Sarah Palin’s central role in the same affair. Sowell contends that Obama is different from “liberal left politicians” only in “his rhetoric,” completely ignoring Obama’s actions to support conservative policies on missile defense, offshore oil drilling, government subsidies to churches and warrantless wiretapping.

You know, I believe John McCain is too erratic in his personal behavior and judgment to be President, but that doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge his admirable positions on earmarks and campaign finance reform. Yes, I like them. I think Sarah Palin is unprepared for the presidency, but I can tell you I admire her support of funding for special needs children. Yes, I like that. Only someone who doubts the strength of his political patron would willingly obscure the truth regarding his patron’s opponent. Thomas Sowell looks woefully insecure, and his insecurity trumps his integrity.

How about you? Can you manage to sincerely acknowledge one nontrivial strength of a presidential candidate you oppose? Or does your insecurity trump your integrity?

7 thoughts on “Can You Sincerely Acknowledge One Strength of the Candidate You Don't Support?”

  1. All Mi T says:

    I guess it is politics as usual for the GOP

  2. Jim says:

    No, then. You can’t.

  3. Ralph says:

    I like Ron Paul’s opposition to the Iraq War.

  4. Darebrit says:


    Each of the candidates exhibits tenacity but only to the positions that they espouse.

    The clue to the candidates viability is in just how tenacious they can be.

    Example: Mr McCain tenaciously clings to his military service and imprisonment as evidence of his ability to be a leader. Less so in his understanding of the American people whom he tends to regard as Hoi Paloi.

    Ms.Palin is tenacious on any subject except answering direct questions which she tenaciously avoids.

    Mr Obama trenaciously pursues his quest for recognition as a viable and knowledgeable candidate for the presidency. While trying to remain aloof from the tenacious attacks of his detractors.

    Mr. Biden Is a loyal follower of the Obama party line and defends himself tenaciously from the weak and insipid attacks from Ms. Palin.

  5. mandy says:

    I think that senator Obama is an eloquent speaker who has good intentions. (But the road to HELL is paved with good intentions)he is also very determined and handsome.

  6. stuart says:

    I admire and will vote for Obama. However, his continuing of the “faith-based inititives” (also known as giving atx money to support christianity) is not only wrong, it’s dangerous.

  7. Laura says:

    I thoroughly detest virtually everything that Palin stands for. However, I at least thought that she was a good sport about being made fun of to her face on SNL this past weekend. Personally, I really can’t give her much credit for anything more than that.

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