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Fire A Man Who Will Be Gone in 3 Months Anyway?

Down in the 3rd congressional district of Alabama, Democrat Joshua Segall is running an underdog campaign against incumbent Republican U.S. Representative Mike Rogers.

Congressman Rogers is one of the more extreme right wing members of the House of Representatives, and Segall would certainly be an improvement. That said, I’m wondering what Segall’s campaign was thinking with its latest effort to grab attention: An online effort to get George W. Bush to fire Henry Paulson, the Secretary of the Treasury.

The Segall for Congress campaign is right on target with its criticism of Secretary Paulson’s terrible job of dealing with growing problems in financial markets – problems that Paulson himself helped to set in motion before he joined the Bush Cabinet. However, I don’t understand the goal of trying to get the Secretary of the Treasury fired, just two weeks before the election of a new President of the United States. Henry Paulson will be gone from the Department of the Treasury in 3 months anyway, replaced by a new Treasury Secretary, and there won’t be time for Congress to confirm a new person to fill that position in the few remaining weeks of the Bush Administration anyway.

The Fire Paulson Now web site launch today looks like nothing more than a publicity stunt, and a not particularly effective one, either. As of right now, only 7 people have signed the site’s petition in favor of firing Paulson.

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