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Sarah Palin: Other Nations Should Worship Her God to Gain Prosperity

In an interview today with Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, Sarah Palin starts out by asserting that without God’s hand of protection, all the “Constitutional rights and [having Americans] do those things that I believe will make our country better, greater” won’t be enough:

It’s going to take even more than that. Truly it will take God’s hand of protection to be continually over our land and His wisdom, His grace, His favor I pray for that for our country.

Then Palin comes out and advises other nations that if they want to have the prosperity of Americans, they should start giving props to her God:

I pray for that for other nations also, so that other nations would be safe, would be healthy, that the people who live there, especially the children who are growing up in some of these nations that are certainly not as privileged as we are, would know that there is hope, that there is opportunity if they seek that and if they seek God’s guidance.

Sarah Palin seems to think she’s running to be the Chair of the Wasilla Sunday School Board.

5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Other Nations Should Worship Her God to Gain Prosperity”

  1. Jim says:

    The Davis ministries PDF about the Sirius Star you had posted has been damaged (I assume by pro-Davis whackos). Can you repost or send me a copy?


  2. Courtney says:

    This is for Obama— Please drop dead so that a good man may become president. You don’t have enough experience for the job…- All you have is a lot of talk and ego to think you are better than even Hillary!!! We the people of the U.S. want a thinking man to run the country, not a jerk with a backward look..-

  3. tom says:

    Oh, i see Courtney, you mean a WHITE guy, right? Even though Barack was first in his class at HARVARD LAW and is known as “brilliant” and “down to earth” by many, you think some 80 year old, cancer-ridden, heart-attack-prone, self-assessed financial idiot will do a better job. Fine, you and Sarah Palin are welcome to your opinions, but you are way off the mark.

    How much better off are you now than 8 years ago? The country is in the worst shape ever because of the Republican/neocon policies implemented by Bush and company, but you still blindly go along like they have the answers. i’m just happy to see that the rest of the country is waking up, doing a little reading and coming to the conclusion that we really can’t afford any more of these disastrous policies. At least with Obama we have a shot at getting back on the right track.

    It may be too late.

  4. AT says:

    Courtney: “Obama – please drop dead”

    Wow you are a total piece of shit Courtney. Actually, even shit has a purpose. You are fucking totally useless.

  5. Darebrit says:

    Recipe for disaster:

    Take CBN, Church of Christ in Wassila, a dash of conservative rebublicanism. Some nonsensical creationist gibberish, A few worldy comments from the unworldly Pat robertson and a splash and a wink of Sarah Palin.

    Stir ingredients with Murtha’s magic wand and place on Cerrulos rock to cook in the divine righteousness of Christian fudamentalism.

    VOILA! You have……. The biggest load of SHIT that can be produced with so little effort.

    Serve with Limbaugh sauce and garnish with Rove.


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