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The Mysterious Flying Cough Drop of 1991

The United Kingdom has released its UFO files, and there are a few really interesting, mysterious events in the files.

Consider, for example, what was recorded by air traffic control back in 1991. LiveScience summarizes,

“a sighting a month later by crew aboard a Gatwick-bound Britannia Airways Boeing 737, who saw a “a small black lozenge-shaped object” zipping past about 100 yards (90 meters) to the left of the aircraft. The airport confirmed seeing an object on its radar and clocked it traveling at 120 miles (190 kilometers) per hour.”

Slow meteorite? American test aircraft? Interdimensional messenger service? Aliens from the plutoid Sedna? Divine cough drop?

Nobody knows, and that’s pretty cool. It’s good to know that there are some things we don’t have answers for.

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