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What A Real Socialist Looks Like

Republicans, led by John McCain and Sarah Palin, have been hyperventilating about socialism. They’re worried that government regulation of financial markets is socialism. They’re worried that health care reform is socialism. Heck, they even call your local post office an encampment of socialism.

Of course, they call Joseph Biden and Barack Obama socialists too. Socialists? Socialists advised by Warren Buffett? Sillies, if they want to see what a real socialist presidential candidate looks like, I’ll help them out.

Check out Gloria La Riva and Eugene Puryear, the presidential and vice presidential candidates of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. That’s what real socialists look like.

Or, if they’re not to your taste, you could have Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander. They’re the presidential and vice presidential candidates of the Socialist Party of the United States of America. They’re what real socialists look like.

As a third alternative, you can go look at Roger Calero and Alyson Kennedy of the Socialist Workers Party. They’re real socialists.

Barack Obama and Joseph Biden are no socialists.

2 thoughts on “What A Real Socialist Looks Like”

  1. shell910 says:

    This is amusing.

    These are current obvious socialists. You don’t know much history do you?

  2. A Real Socialist says:

    A “real socialist” is firstly “social” and is either democratic socialist or social democratic, but never Marxist, revolutionary, or communist. The major factor is “democratic” translated to be meant “by the ballot” while the other is by force. Often times the two are confused by the under educated in history from France onward and political knowledge.

    Secondly, a real Socialist is all about unity and internationalism for what is civil society and sociable (note the prefix, soc ).

    Third, de facto, the only real Socialists are the heirs to the Socialist Party of America before and after the 1973 break in to Democratic Socialists of America, Socialist Party of the USA, and Social Democrats USA. Each one operates at a different level but should consider unity again.

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