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Drill Baby Drill for Japan?

Sarah Palin takes every opportunity she can to chide Democrats for not allowing enough drilling for oil in the coastal waters of the United States (although Barack Obama voted to do just that only a few weeks ago). She loves the drill, baby, drill chant and wants to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to make it so. Her rationale for supporting less regulation for big oil corporations is to say that we need to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy, and she says that Alaska would be happy to send huge amounts of natural gas, through a pipeline that is the will of God, down to the lower 48 states so that we could have all the energy we need.

So why is it that at the very same time Sarah Palin is complaining that there aren’t enough sources of American energy for Americans, she is supporting the shipment of natural gas from Alaska over to Japan?

Shipping American energy overseas during an energy crisis? That’s kind of like shipping food from Irish farms over to the English during the Potato Famine.

It looks like the McCain-Palin mantra drill, baby, drill was never intended to help Americans get affordable energy. It was just a tool to bring big oil corporations more record-breaking profits.

3 thoughts on “Drill Baby Drill for Japan?”

  1. tom says:

    “It looks like the McCain-Palin mantra drill, baby, drill was never intended to help Americans get affordable energy. It was just a tool to bring big oil corporations more record-breaking profits.”

    Just like the whole War on Terror/Iraq War bullshit, it’s just about Big Oil and their point man Bush leading the charge for more profits at the expense of the U.S. military, our treasurys money supply, the national debt, the infrastructure, the citizenry, and our reputation in the world.

    Why we put up with this and the on-going rape of our economy, i’ll never understand.
    Clinton gets impeached for a blowjob while Bush FUCKS UP THE ENTIRE WORLD ECONOMY and gets away with it! He leaves office in a few months leaving Queen of the folders, Pelosi and the go-along Democratic Congress, with not only no impeachment – we can’t even get Rove to testify!! He simply refuses and gets off scott-free! You or i try that and its straight to the slammer for a little lesson in “who’s in charge.” Meanwhile, the Homeland Security goons are monitoring what i write here to make sure they get a file on me as a subversive element. Great. So much for “democracy” 2.0 (the neocon version).

  2. Juniper says:

    One reason people put up with stuff like this is that they’re discouraged as children to learn to think clearly. The role of anti-educational attitudes in our culture cannot be neglected as a source of political apathy and citizen inaction.

  3. Elle says:

    I blame monotheistic religions in general, and christianity in particualr.

    Change and progress are not looked upon as positive conditions by these religions. They seek to only enhance their own power and position over the people, to control them through fear and intimidation. Education is a force of change and progress, thus it has to be controlled, for the good of the church and state. An educated people tend to start asking ‘why?’, a question that is a danger to these institutions because the only answers they have will lead to more questions for an educated and thinking person.

    Why? Because god said so.
    Why? Because that is what it says in the bible.
    Why? Err, because god says so.

    Once you learn to start asking why, you become harder for them to control, so they try and teach you from early on that you do not ask why of some people. You have to put your trust and faith in these selected few and not question what they tell you. For the religious, asking ‘why’ is a lack of faith, for the secular, it is a lack of patriotism.

    Just ask why.

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