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Japanese Prove The Yeti Wears High Heels!

Japanese researchers have returned from the mighty Himalayas to their home islands with what they say is proof that the yeti, the legendary abominable snowman, truly exists. Their proof consists of a photograph of what they say is a footprint of the yeti – a whopping eight inches long! “They looked like a human’s,” says Yoshiteru Takahashi, leader of the expedition.

yeti footprint foot fetishWhy, that’s amazing! Do you know how much longer those eight inch tracks are compared to a human being’s footprints? Not at all! A human footprint can easily reach more than one foot long – but who could have guessed that?

Still, if you think about it, the fact that the supposed yeti footprint looks so much like a human’s footprint suggests that, if it is a footprint, it’s would probably be… um, the footprint of a human?

Well, if you actually take a look at the photograph taken by the Japanese expedition, shown here at left, you’ll see that if the impression looks like a human footprint, it would have to be from a human wearing high heels.

You realize what this means, don’t you? World of cryptozoology, prepare to be shocked: We now have proof that the yeti wears high heels!

Hey – just because they call him bigfoot doesn’t mean that he can’t be stylish.

Local legends say that the yeti can often be heard on cold winter nights, howling for something black and strappy.

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