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A Map of John McCain's Real America, Diminished

As you may be aware, multiple elements within the McCain campaign have decided that only some parts of America — the parts of America that coincidentally support John McCain — are “Real America.” The rest of America is fake America.

A map of “Real America” on the morning of October 22, 2008, based on estimates by FiveThirtyEight:

John McCain Real America Map for October 22, 2008

Our country looks diminished to me.

2 thoughts on “A Map of John McCain's Real America, Diminished”

  1. ernie says:

    Hey, the state I was born in and the states I have lived in are not represented in the aforementioned map. Does this mean that I am to report to a Patriotism Reform Camp or something?

    Hinestly, the very notion that there are “Non-American” regions of the country is quite a statement to make. Are we talking the civil war here?

    I am a bit confused. Perhaps someone would be so kind as to enlighten me about the concept.

  2. Elle says:

    I am so embarrased!

    I would liked to have thought that my fellow Texans were smarter than this, but then I really know better.

    We used to have what we called ‘yellow dog democrats’. These were folks that would vote for anyone the democrats would run for an office. The reason dates back to reconstruction, when Texas saw an influx of carpetbaggers and crooked politicians who came to bring Texas back into the Union. Invariably these people were republicans and were pretty much forced on the Texas public to make certain no seccesionist sentiment remained in our midst. Also, invariably, these people were crooks, and proceeded to strip Texas of as much portable wealth as they could.

    Thus, for the longest, republicans = crooks, in the Texas mind.

    Well, roughly a century plus a few decades later, people kind of forgot the lessons learned back then, and started electing republicans back into power. Now I would like to think it was because of all the ‘foreigners’ who had migrated down here from up north, but I know better than that. The republicans found the magic formula for winning elections; give the public an enemy to focus on, promise them that you will fight that enemy for them and help them prosper while doing it, and the people will vote for you in droves.

    It worked so well we even voted Bush, the Carpetbagger in chief, into office as govenor.

    They gave us a whole list of enemies to choose from, commies, socialists, ‘illegal immigrants’ (which is code for anyone who is hispanic), Liberals (which is code for progressive thinking, intellectuals, commies, people of ‘loose morals’, and queers.)

    Knowing that Texas prides itself as being the buckle on the bible belt, they came out full score for christianity and ‘family values'(their version only), and talked big about ethics and morality(two things I am not really sure they know the meaning of, but it does sound good on the stump.).

    So now, we have ‘christian elephant’ republicans, if you talk the talk, you will get elected, no matter if you don’t walk the walk as well.

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