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Two Talking Orbs Take On John McCain Foreign Policy

A: Boy, that John McCain sure is a foreign policy expert!

B: Why? What foreign policy has John McCain been right about recently?

A: Well, how about Iraq, for instance.

john mccain foreign policy debate animated activist talking blobsB: You mean the way that John McCain supported invading Iraq based on the belief that it had arsenals of weapons of mass destruction so huge that they threatened the stability of the entire world?

A: Well, what about the threat posed by the Russian invasion of Georgia?

B: What threat? Russia pulled out of Georgia all on its own, without John McCain doing anything about it. Meanwhile, John McCain’s top campaign advisor’s consulting firm took money from the Georgian government.

A: Okay, but John McCain knows how to win wars!

B: He does? How many wars has John McCain won?

A: Hmm. Boy, that John McCain sure is an expert on the economy!

(Very short video blobcast)

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