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Consequences of a Free Market Health Care System

Yesterday was another day for the investor class to fret about whether their money will be able to profit off of the labor of others as much as it used to do. The working class of America has more concrete things to worry about, like whether they’ll be able to go to a medical doctor if they get sick.

You’ll never see this information in a day-long green ticker in the corner of your television set, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter: Increasing numbers of Americans are deciding not to get the medical treatments they need because they don’t have enough money.

Fewer people are getting prescription medicine, and more people are taking half doses of the medicines they’ve been prescribed. More Americans are postponing recommended medical treatments or skipping those treatments completely, and their health is deteriorating as a result. When they can no longer avoid getting medical treatment, more Americans are visiting emergency rooms to deal with conditions that could be addressed in other medical environments – if they had the spare money or health insurance to pay for it.

John McCain and Sarah Palin say that the American health care system ought to continue on as it has. They say that market forces should be allowed to determine which Americans get medicine and which Americans don’t. Well, market forces are now driving increasing numbers of Americans who are sick to go without the medicines that they need.

Outdated 20th Century obsessions with free market ideology is putting Americans in real danger, not just of having their financial portfolios shrink, but of dangerous illness and death.

It’s not just that Americans cannot afford to elect John McCain President of the United States. Many Americans simply wouldn’t survive the economic ruthlessness of a McCain Administration.

One thought on “Consequences of a Free Market Health Care System”

  1. Barbara Jean says:

    If you look at what has recently happened in Hawaii, with the children’s health insurance, that is what will happen nation wide under Obama’s plan. Parent’s were dropping their kids from their own or employer’s insurance to enroll them in the paid for by the government insurance. Hawaii could not afford it, so had to stop the program altogether. His plan will not work, just as Hawaii’s plan did not work.

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