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Idaho GOP Caught Spreading Loren Davis Lies

Earlier this year, I spent a good amount of time covering the absurd slurs against Barack Obama made by radical missionaries Celeste and Loren Davis. An email by Loren Davis spread around the Internet claiming that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim and undercover terrorist agent who plans to bomb America after he is elected President.

Loren Davis the Christian Missionary Who Attacked ObamaIt’s amazing to me that Republicans actually take these Loren Davis emails seriously, given what else Loren Davis has to say:

– The American flag is a symbol of Satan, and that the McCain-Palin logo also contains satanic elements.
– Public elementary schools are part of a satanic conspiracy
– Christian Preacher Rick Warren is a secret satanist
– Most other Christians are in league with the devil
– The National Football League is satanic

The only reason someone would repeat the insanity of Celeste and Loren Davis is out of a hate for Barack Obama so strong that it’s willing to use anything to try to drag Obama down, no matter how absurd. Into that category of hate-addled Obama opponents we can now add Leslie Romriell, the chair of the Republican Party of Bannock County, Idaho. Romriell has been caught sending copies of the Loren Davis email to Republicans in her jurisdiction.

Looks like you can’t trust a word that comes out of Leslie Romriell’s mouth. If the Bannock County Republicans have any honor, they’ll insist that Romriell step down as the chair of their county committee. I expect Romriell to stay on as chair of her county’s GOP for quite some time.

Oh, well. Thanks to 43rd State Blues for bringing Romriell’s behavior to our attention.

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