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Washington, DC Inauguration Protest Planning Thread on Forum

I’ve started up a thread in the forum in which I’ll describe as transparently as possible the process of trying to get a permit from the National Park Service for a pro-constitution DC demonstration on Inauguration Day, January 20 2009. The Park Service confirms they have received my application as of October 22. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

3 thoughts on “Washington, DC Inauguration Protest Planning Thread on Forum”

  1. OUCKFBAMA says:

    Check out our shirts at or on Myspace. We have sold a lot to protest and rally groups. I can send you some pics if you are interested. We will make you a smoking deal on a bulk buy.


  2. Jim says:

    No, you won’t, ’cause I’m not buying. There’s a big difference between disagreeing with someone and telling them to fuck off. Bush merited that. Obama isn’t even president yet. And you can’t pronounce “ouckfbama” right. It sounds like “Oak of Bama,” which is what, some kind of herbal tea? Try making a different pose with your outrage.

  3. Hard G says:


    Clever! I get it! It’s like a joke, right? A joke with no balls.

    Hey, check it out, man. I’m going to make a T-Shirt to wear to my Junior High school:


    Ha, get it? Those poopy assistant principals will never get it. lol! 😉 lol!

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