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A Permaculture Homesteading Experiment for Our Tomorrow

Denny's Homestead Cabin in MissouriEarlier this year, before the financial markets went into their tailspin, Denny of Our Tomorrow moved to a self-built cabin in the woods of Missouri. Denny foresaw the current economic collapse and decided to teach himself the art of sustainable, self-supporting permaculture homesteading. Over at his website he’s been writing about his successes and failures as he moves toward living off the land.

Autumn Olives harvested by Denny in MissouriDenny’s been getting ready for the winter, planting fruit trees, mulching, harvesting autumn olives and learning about the food crops that grow well and don’t grow well in his particular neck of the woods. Most of us will choose not to move to the woods like Denny (and given the size of our population, most of us can’t), but we can try to apply his lessons wherever we are in the world and in our life course as we brace for the human impact of a looming economic catastrophe. I encourage you to read his account and ask yourself what you can do.

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