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An Atheist Finds God!

As an atheist, I have always said that the only way that I would ever believe in God would be for God to personally show up and say hello to me so that I could have the firsthand evidence for myself.

Well, now that’s happened. This afternoon, I found God, and you’ll never guess where he’s been all this time.

7 thoughts on “An Atheist Finds God!”

  1. mike says:

    get a life dumb fuck what the hell are you trying to accomplish anyway?
    the way I see it you are getting old and are going to die soon so since there is no life after death wasting all this time on this website and to drag people into your miserable outlook of complete hopelessness is really stupid. If I thought this were it I wouldn’t waste time trying to remind people of their gloomy end. I’d be out livin’ it up! what’s the point? I can tell you this much when you die it’s over for you guaranteed…and all that you’ve worked for… everything about you will be forgotten. Congratulations, you get to look forward to getting older having more pain in your body having people wipe your ass for you and not remembering where you are or who you are then you’re dead.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    I’m not feeling hopelessness. You sound like you’re the one with hopelessness, Mike.

  3. Darebrit says:

    I just had one of my periodic chats with the big guy in the sky.

    I asked him to make the effort to speak to JC personally. His first reaction was to tell me that he speaks to the boy everyday when he bandages his hands. Then I realized that he had mistaken you JC for his son!! Go Figure.

    Anyway Yaweh asked me to tell you that he has been playing telephone tag with you for some time. Either that or you have your caller ID switched off.

    Anyway we got interrupted because Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen and John Hagee were on call waiting for their weekly chat with him, so I wished him Godspeed and hung up.

  4. Jim says:

    This video is hilarious.

  5. Bob S-K says:

    Mike, who cares if we’re remembered after we’re dead? We weren’t remembered before we were born, and the world did just fine. Seriously, dude, lighten up.

  6. DARK ENERGY says:

    I knew it! God is none other than British rocker Rod Stewart…



  7. Francois says:

    Which only goes to prove, Dark Energy, that God has no talent.

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