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McCain Campaign Has A Tawana Brawley Moment

Ashley Todd, a Texas volunteer for the campaign of John McCain for President, hit the headlines big this morning with the story that she had been attacked by a big black man for no other reason than that she had a McCain bumper sticker on her car. She said that the big nasty black man threatened her with a knife and struck her on the back of the head and forced her down onto the ground, growling, “you are going to be a Barack supporter!” He then carved a big B, standing for Barack, on her cheek.

This afternoon, we learned that it was all a big lie. It never happened. Ashley Todd was never attacked. She just made it up. She admitted it to the police after they started interviewing her.

The faked attack was supposed to show that poor, defenseless white women just can’t be safe in a world in which dangerous, black men like Barack Obama are allowed to have power.

That underlying idea, as much as the attack that was supposed to promote it, is a fraud.

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