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Ocean News For October 24th

Here’s a summary of news from our planet’s oceans today:

– In Cornwall, England, the weather has been crummy for the last two years, and that’s keeping basking sharks away. Who would want to bask, after all, under overcast skies?
– Also in Cornwall, a team recreating an 1854 voyage by sailboat from England all the way to Australia has departed, but forgot to pack its underwear.
– In New Zealand, a couple struggled to save a small whale washed up on a beach, but failed.
– In Puget Sound, near Seattle, orcas are dying from lack of food.
Greenpeace worries that Japanese whaling ships will be escorted by gunships this year
– Radio Netherlands writes about preparations for the creation of a European Commission Shark Action Plan
– In the south of France, the first surgery on a shark ever has been performed, on a 20 year-old fish living at an aquarium there.

One thought on “Ocean News For October 24th”

  1. tom says:

    When the news reads like The Onion, we’re not doing too well as a planet. i love the one about the gunships escorting industrial whaling vessels. Next thing you know, Greenpeace will man submarines and blow them both out of the water!

    Is this reality or the ol’ Death March Comics?

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