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150,000 dollars of clothes isn't enough for Sarah Palin

It was bad enough that the Republicans bought Sarah Palin one hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of clothes to wear on the campaign trail, while telling everyone that she’s just a humble hockey mom who’s just like you and me. At the same time, Sarah Palin’s hair and makeup stylist was paid more by the campaign than a top McCain policy advisor.

What adds insult to injury is that Sarah Palin doesn’t think that 150,000 of new clothes are enough for her. This week, just as the story about her use of donors’ money to buy clothes for herself was breaking, Sarah Palin sent an assistant out to buy yet another new suit for Palin to wear at a campaign rally.

$150,000 of new clothes, and Sarah Palin can’t find anything to wear? It looks like Sarah Palin has about as much understanding of the economic difficulties of ordinary people as Imelda Marcos did when she bought her shoes.

3 thoughts on “150,000 dollars of clothes isn't enough for Sarah Palin”

  1. Dr. Armstrong says:

    You people are ignorant, ill-informed, reactionary, bleeding-heart liberals. Let me get this straight…you want a giant nanny-state, income redistribution ( because you shouldn’t be rewarded for staying in school, working hard and devoting years of your life and shitloads of money to better yourself ), love & kisses for the terrorists ( because we can all just love each other if we try ).
    Continue to live in your idealistic fantasy world!

    Dr. Armstrong

  2. Sir Percy Edinborough de Flouncy on the St. Lucious, Esquire, IV says:

    Dr. Armstrong, are you able to read? Where do you find the material for your nasty little rant in this article?

    You sound like one of those arrogant doctors who doesn’t believe in the importance of listening to what other people have to say before launching into a speech about what you know.

    Spare me. I wouldn’t let you operate on my little toe, much less give me political advice.

    – Sir Percy Edinborough de Flouncy on the St. Lucious, Esquire, IV

  3. Pinkerton says:

    No, Doctor Stupid. It’s you who is the brain-dead, systematically misinformed, unreasoning, fascist conservative.

    I know you’re very dumb, so please try extra hard to get it straight:

    It’s the BANKING INDUSTRY that wants a giant nanny state. They want to nuzzle up the great big government teat and suckle seven hundred thousand million dollars out of American taxpayers.

    And it was REAGAN who gave hugs and kisses to the Islamic militants he set up to fight a guerilla war across the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. (Oh but shucks, they were “freedom fighters” then–who knew they’d turn into “terrorists.”)

    So shut up, Doctor Stupid.

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