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Bush Votes For McCain

For those of you who have a hard time keeping track of how long it is before the 2008 presidential election, count your fingers – that’s how many days are left. The time for sweeping, abstract slogans is passed, and now specific claims are making the difference with the muddy-minded undecided voter.

Given that, let’s be clear: In spite of what the liberal slogan says, a vote for John McCain is not a vote for Bush. It’s easy to tell the difference. McCain begins with an M, and Bush begins with a B.

However, a vote for McCain is a vote alongside George W. Bush. President Dubya has given the ultimate endorsement and cast his ballot for John McCain for President. Apparently, Bush is concerned that McCain could lose Texas.

Both at the poling booth and in the policy arena, George W. Bush and John McCain stand side by side. McCain himself has boasted that he’s voted to support George W. Bush 95 percent of the time.

Undecided voters, listen up. It’s really a very simple choice. If you think that you’d like to see what’s happened to this country over the last eight years happen again, then vote for John McCain. If you think America can do better, then vote for Obama.

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