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Obama is Sure to Win, Just Like He Was Sure to Win New Hampshire

Across America, Democrats are already celebrating, and Republicans are already planning their revenge. With each passing day, more and more Americans are acting as if the election is already over, even though most people who will vote still have not done so. The election will be won on Election Day.

Those Democrats who think that opinion polls show that Barack Obama is certain to win need to remember what opinion polls have shown in earlier in this campaign season. In 2007, people were describing Hillary Clinton as the inevitable Democratic nominee. Then, the Iowa Democratic caucuses changed that. On the morning of the New Hampshire primaries, people were talking about how Barack Obama was sure to win, and wondering what kind of exit Hillary Clinton would make.

Democrats would also do well to remember Election Day 2004, when exit polls at mid day indicated that John Kerry would have a strong victory over George W. Bush. Instead, we got the 51 percent “mandate” of George W. Bush.

Forget the polls. Nobody knows the future. The Y2K bug and bird flu never came. The Segway never caught on. John McCain could still become the next President of the United States.

2 thoughts on “Obama is Sure to Win, Just Like He Was Sure to Win New Hampshire”

  1. B says:

    Remember in New Hampshire where you can vote in either primary, a lot of independents saw Obama with a 12 point lead in polls a few days before the election and McCain in a tight race with Romney. Obama only lost by 3% of the vote so I would imagine if he was down in the polls or the race appeared much closer that more independents would have voted him and the race would have been over after his victory in South Carolina. So to me, it was a unique situation because of the New Hampshire primary rules. There’s a good possibility those inflated Obama polls saved John McCain as well. Obama’s operation is so large now and the new voters are going to be so overwhelming that I would be shocked if he lost this thing.

  2. tom says:

    Oh the Republicans are trying their hardest to win it for McCain by harassing voters, using those ever-popular, impossible to verify electronic voting machines that “flip” votes for Obama to McCain, and all the rest of their dubious, third-world tactics in their bag of “tricks.”

    We’ll be lucky if the Supreme Kangaroo Court doesn’t decide this one for the Reprobates too. After all, they got away with it twice and no one does anything about any government malfeasance anyway – since we’re all just a bunch of spineless sheep here in Fatso Distractionland (formerly called America).

    Rotsa Ruck people.

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