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What's the Difference Between a Maverick and a Rogue?

Mother Davis looks around for her reading glasses so that she can see to write,

Sources from within John McCain’s campaign are said to be complaining to reporters that vice presidential Sarah Palin is “going rogue”. Palin is ignoring the McCain campaign’s message and doing her own thing, the rumors say. One source from McCain’s camp is said to call Sarah Palin a “diva” who has lost the trust of top advisors and even her own family.

This story is based upon anonymous sources, so let’s take it with a grain of salt. However, regardless of the truth of the story, it brings up an interesting question: What is the difference between a maverick and a rogue?

It seems to me that the difference between a maverick and a rogue is extremely subjective, determined only according to whether the speaker approves of the actions of the maverick/rogue in question.

Do Americans really want to elect another rogue President of the United States – with another rogue Vice President?

Glad to have found her rogue spectacles,
Mother Davis

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