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Small Potatoes

A couple of observations today from outside the walls of a friend’s house. First, potatoes make a great investment. Planted in the place of grass, they quadruple in the space of a few months. What financial investment could you say that about these days?

red potatoes organic garden harvestSecond, it’s a lot easier to get work done while supervising my young son if I do it outdoors rather than indoors. When we’re inside together, he’s almost constantly coming to me, looking for personal attention because he’s bored with his toys. Outside, he doesn’t get bored in the same way. He’ll play in the same place for an hour before moving on to something new, and I don’t need to correct his behavior as much. It’s okay if he throws things around outside.

The open sky above is a great babysitter, and it proves free vitamin D for as long as we use it, without fear of sunburn in these last bright autumn days.

2 thoughts on “Small Potatoes”

  1. Elle says:

    Okay, this is not about potatos or this topic, but I have looked and looked, and there is no link to contact a webmaster about a problem with the forum. The address given above for doesn’t work.

    I have tried to register for the forum, and I have gotten nothing, I tried resetting the password, and got nothing.

    Apparently the registration worked, it just didn’t send the mail with the password. Someone HELP!

  2. Jim says:

    I just checked, and sending messages to does work. Here’s some troubleshooting for you:

    1. Did you possibly misspell the email address, as above, when sending us an e-mail message?
    2. Are you sure you spelled your own e-mail address correctly when registering?
    3. Do you have spam filters on your e-mail account? Is it possible that your confirmation message got sent to the spam filters by your e-mail service?

    If none of those seem to be the case, then let me know at and we will work something out.



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