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CafePress Goes Indie

New CafePress LogoThis morning, has rolled out a new website design, complete with a new logo and everything. The logo is meticulously designed to look as though it were spray-painted in someone’s garage, in that kind of distressed way that you get when you don’t have millions of dollars of production equipment and factories in two states and stuff like that. The “TM” added at the lower right is an especially nice indie touch, suggesting that if you so much as lay a finger on the CafePress brand, they’ll send out a pack of waistcoat- and cap-wearing lawyers who shave every other day with a restraining order. They’ll deliver it ironically, with just a touch of detached amusement.

Hey, guys, it's Fred.  Can You Stop Taking the Chow Mein?In telling the story of how this whole indie redesign came to be, the CafePress corporation (TM, all rights reserved) centers on a post-it note written by Fred, leader of the tribe, who stuck this message on the fridge in the little duplex where all the CafePress people work by day and play drums by night, annoying that asshole of a yuppie neighbor next door who always asks them to keep it down. At first the gang didn’t see the note because Rhonda put a note over it asking everyone not to take her chow mein and to clean the microwave after they used it.

Fred and Rhonda and the CafePress Gang go out on a Late-Night Pizza RunBut then the house cat had a hairball in the kitchen, you know, while standing on the counter, and it went all over the front of the fridge and Pam and Joey went to clean it up and they took off Rhonda’s note because it had cat vomit on it and then they saw Fred’s note underneath. And they went, whoah, what a good idea! And Fred went, what? Because he’d forgotten about it all, and then everybody laughed so loud because Fred’s such a kidder. And then the yuppie guy shouted “KEEP IT DOWN!” through the wall, so the gang grabbed their bongos and their guitar and scampered out to the van for a beer and chips run. And just as they were headed out the driveway the yuppie’s bitchin’ daughter Lauren vaulted the fence and tumbled in to the back of the van, pulling on her knit cap and saying “let’s get out of here!” And they all drove to the Circle K and got chips and beer and a can of Cheez Whiz and headed for the hills with the forest and that tree that looks kind of like a Banyan but not exactly. And as they looked over the valley below and played their bongos and noshed, Rhonda leaned over and put her head on Fred’s shoulder and said, “I really think we can make this work, if we can just get the cash. Maybe if we put on a concert at the coffeehouse…”

CafePress Office TowerAnd then the VP for Supply Acquisition woke up from his unexpected nap at the desk and noticed he was almost late for the principals meeting in the boardroom at 1 pm. He’d have to tell the CEO and CFO and Operations VP about his plan to import more raw supplies from China now that the price of oil was down to reasonable levels, adjusting for inflation. But first he had to find his spreadsheet with the breakdown of capital investment from Sequoia and PacRim Venture Management. Damn kids next door. If they didn’t keep him up all night, he wouldn’t fall asleep like this.

One thought on “CafePress Goes Indie”

  1. Adam says:

    I was with you in the first paragraph Jim then totally lost ya when Rhonda came in. Haha

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