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God The Schmuck Left America With 3 Percent of Its Needs

Sarah Palin thinks God is a schmuck.

That’s the only interpretation I can logically come up with for Palin’s recent suggestion that it was God who provisioned the United States with its oil supplies.

Defending her drill baby drill mantra even in the face of sharply reduced oil prices, Sarah Palin suggested that offshore oil drilling has the mandate of Heaven. “God has so richly blessed our land with the supplies we need,” Palin said, referring to the oil reserves underneath the land and coastal waters of the United States.

Well, countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela have a lot more oil per capita than the United States. So, does Sarah Palin think that God has given more blessings to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela than the United States? If so, why? Does God love Islamic theocracies and leftist dictatorships more than he loves the United States?

The fact is that, even if all the oil reserves in the United States and its coastal waters were being drilled, that oil would only provide about three percent of America’s current need for oil. So, that means that, if Sarah Palin is right, and the oil that’s in the ground was placed there as a blessing by God, then God only blessed the United States with 3 percent of the oil it needs. That’s a 97 percent deficit for the USA!

God – what a geological jerk! Hey, right wing Christians, don’t get made at me. Sarah Palin said it. Complain to her, not me.

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