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Tom Ridge Explains Which Parts of Pennsylvania Have Values and Families

Republican former Governor and Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge explains to NPR’s Scott Horsley this morning why John McCain will actually win Pennsylvania, despite support for Barack Obama in the big cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh:

You got the values voters in the Northeast and the Southwest, these are men and women in families that a lot of small towns, churchgoers, you got a lot of veterans in Pennsylvania, the veterans certainly break generally toward John’s way. I’ve traveled around the state enough in the past three months to dispute what the polls say.

Because those people in the cities of Pennsylvania don’t have values or familes. They all just screw one another randomly and put their children in collective housing. Right, Tom?

3 thoughts on “Tom Ridge Explains Which Parts of Pennsylvania Have Values and Families”

  1. tom says:

    Ridge is a rampant Republican and has to say this crap as “doing his part” to help the McCain, more of the same, campaign try to win in “his” state.

    Yeah, some values these Republicans have: lie all the time, phony wars that kill people on both sides in order to reap profit for your cronies, suppress and evade the Constitution, bankrupt the economy and the ecology through lax enforcement of regulation (again for profit for corporate America at the expense of everyone else), allow torture and rendition which has always been condemned by past presidents, and always stir up FEAR and HATRED as showing your Christian values – just for starters.

  2. Mark says:

    You are 100% right Tom. I can’t wait until we have a Socialist country filled with San Francisco values. You people have NO idea who you are voting for… Tom you are more qualified to run this for president than Obama…

  3. Jim says:

    And Mark WINS Insult-an-Entire-Region-of-the-Country Bingo!

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