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What If Obama Was The Most Liberal Candidate Ever?

Yesterday, John McCain accused Barack Obama of being “the most liberal candidate to ever seek the presidency.”

Well, so what if he was? What if Barack Obama was the most liberal presidential candidate ever? What would be so bad about that?

When was the last time a real liberal was President? Bill Clinton certainly was not a liberal. He was a center-right Democrat, a member of the right wing Democratic Leadership Council. The problems America is having now can’t be blamed on Bill Clinton anyway.

The problems America is facing now are due to the right wing presidency of George W. Bush and the right wing support he has obtained from Congress for most of his term in office. It’s been the right wingers, not liberals, who have expanded the size of government.

What exactly is the great big crisis of liberality that America is facing right now?

Barack Obama is no liberal. A liberal would not support George W. Bush’s Big Brother spying FISA Amendments Law. Barack Obama does. A liberal would not support expanded offshore drilling. Barack Obama does. A liberal would not use religion as a campaign tool and support expanding George W. Bush’s corrupt faith-based initiatives. Barack Obama does. A liberal would support the right of all couples, heterosexual and homosexual, to get married. Barack Obama does not. A liberal would not support the death penalty. Barack Obama does. A liberal would have supported a bailout for Main Street, not for Wall Street. Barack Obama, like John McCain and George W. Bush, supported Wall Street.

I wish Barack Obama was a liberal. A true liberal president would be the real change that America needs right now. John McCain’s attempt to use the word “liberal” to scare people shows how much he still doesn’t understand the terrible situation that America is in.

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