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Edward Norton, Sensitive and Complicated Robocaller, Saves the Day

Here I was, just sitting here in Columbus, Ohio getting ready to vote for John McCain, when SHAZAM! Out of the blue I got a phone call! From Edward Norton!! The sensitive, introverted and intensely complicated yet somehow needily attractive celebrity!!! Well, no, I didn’t actually get a phone call from him. I got a prerecorded robocall from a computer with his voice on it! OMG!!! His prerecorded voice said “Hello” (fan me down) and then told me to get to the polls and vote for Barack Obama. I am so going to switch my vote now. I don’t know what I would have done without the pre-recorded robocall with Edward Norton’s voice on it.

Thank you, Edward Norton prerecorded voice! Thank you, Democratic Party! Thank you, God!!!

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