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Is Obama A Big Spender Or Not Spending Enough?

There is a weirdness in the final days of John McCain’s presidential campaign. While Barack Obama is running a smooth and consistent campaign, John McCain’s campaign is bouncing all over the place, kind of like McCain did himself during the second presidential debate, darting erratically here and there. It looks as if the McCain campaign is trying just about any tactic it can think of, even if the tactic isn’t consistent with the previous messages of the campaign.

Take the issue of spending as an example. For a while, the McCain campaign has trying to describe Barack Obama as a big spender who will bankrupt the government. But yesterday, McCain switched directions, and said that Barack Obama would not spend enough if he became President.

The result is an incoherent jumble that has same grating effect on the voter as McCain’s recent transition from a calm, measured speaking voice to squawking like thirsty crow. John McCain is no longer speaking out on Republican issues. He’s just lashing out in any way he can.

2 thoughts on “Is Obama A Big Spender Or Not Spending Enough?”

  1. Curly says:

    Is the republican goose well and truly cooked?

    Do you realise how popular Barack Obama is today? Almost as big as The Phillies!

  2. groetzinger says:

    The money he has was donated for him to spend on his campaign it would be a disservice if he just held on to the money and not used it.
    Just as long as he is spending it on winning the election and not on clothes.

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