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Presbyterian Isn’t Christian Enough For Elizabeth Dole

Elizabeth Dole is playing theocrat again. Dole is losing her re-election campaign against Democrat Kay Hagan, and so she’s engaging in a desperate attack that she hopes will activate the worst in the people of North Carolina.

Senator Dole is calling her opponent “Godless”. Why? Kay Hagan once attended a political fundraising event that had more than 40 hosts. One of those many hosts was a person who works at an organization called Godless Americans PAC.

First of all, Kay Hagan isn’t godless. She’s a Presbyterian. Apparently, for Elizabeth Dole, Presbyterian isn’t Christian enough. In order to be Christian enough to serve in public office, Elizabeth Dole seems to think that a person has to be a member of the right kind of church. Furthermore, to pass Elizabeth Dole’s Christian test for public office, a leader must never casually bump into a non-Christian at a political event.

But, what if Kay Hagan was non-Christian? What if Hagan was non-religious? What if Hagan actually was godless? Why should that make a difference?

The Godless Americans PAC exists in order to advocate for the equal rights of Americans who have no religion. What, exactly, does Elizabeth Dole object to in that mission? Why does she object to equality for all Americans, regardless of religion? If equality in America is only for people who are Christian, then there is no equality in America.

A responsible leader will meet with Christians and non-Christians alike, because Americans belong to many cultural traditions, both religious and non-religious. A leader who represents only Christian America is missing the pluribus in e pluribus unum.

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